Segregation/ Jim Crow Laws

Danielle Paredes

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1.Jim crow law started by how this man jim dressed like a balck man and started to make fun of black people.

2. Jim crow is a law that seperates blackes from whites

3.Whites then started black codes to keep blacks down lower then a white person

4. In 1896 segregation started that it was illigeal to have colered people mixed with white people.

5. But by the early 1900s, every southern state had Jim Crow laws. But by 1950, attitudes were changing. And then Jim Crow laws were slowly going away.

Important Events

Imortant events in the jim crow law is the fact that it started with this white man that dressed as a black man and preformed a local places in the 1800. What Jim would do was he would actual preform the way as in to make fun of the black people by dressing like one. Another important fact is that they actualy made it leagle to allow seperation and made it a so that it was okay. But as time went on they decided that it was illigeal to have colered people mixed with white people. What that meant was that it was illeagle to have a white child and a black child in the same school that was in 1896. That later on ended when people started to see that it was wrong what they were doing in 1950.

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Key Person- Homer Plessy

Homer Plessy is an important person because he was the man that was involved because of the segragation.What Homer did was chalengened the law in court.Homer did that because of in1890 Louisiana passed a law segregating about public transportation. Homer was one of the passengers in a train. He challenged the court because of that and got a court case in 1896. But the court said that it was leagl to have seprate but equal was what they called it.

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