Roman Law justice and citizenship

Differences and similarites between rome and the US

Here shows the citizenship of romans. NOTE: romans consider this normal

:Rights of citizens

:Able to vote

:Hold offices

:Own property

:Go to court

This is the part of the texts that talks of the rights of citizens

:Not all equal

:Male citizens have all the rights

:Women had limited rights-no voting or government

:Slaves were property with almost no rights- small chances of freedom

:Freedmen were former slaves with limited rights

This next one is about the offspring and the state

:The children of freedmen and women would be born as a full roman citizen.

:What connections can you draw between the freedmen child and the united states?

:If you born in the U.S you're a full citizen.also two citizens offsprings is a citizen

Second to last is the natural laws of rome

:Natural laws giving every citizen rights connected to life liberty and the happiness.

:Where do we see that in the united states?

:Judges made court decisions from trials and evidence.

Last is the punishments that they give you if you dont obey

Fines-pay money

Beating-beaten up

Banished-kicked out


Execution-cut your head off

Patricide-forced to kill your family