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RLAS-116 District Newsletter: September 2022

Calendar of Events

Attention families with children in multiple schools! Did you know that you can view multiple school calendars of events on our website at one time?

Access the School Calendar and then click Customize Calendar View. Select the calendars you'd like to view. Now you can see all the upcoming events at your specified schools in one spot!

View this short video tutorial for a look at how to select your school calendars.

School Safety Check In

Visit the District's new Safety @ D116 webpage for the following important resources!

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Automated Attendance Messages

Please be aware that RLAS-116 utilizes an automated attendance messaging system to inform parents/guardians when their child has missed any portion of the school day but has not been excused.

Login to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal today to ensure your contact information is up to date! Your school office will provide you with assistance if you need help logging into the portal.

School Resource Officers in D116

On Monday, July 18, the Board of Education approved a request to hire a School Resource Officer for Round Lake Middle School. We’d like to provide the rationale for this new hire and explain the responsibilities of a School Resource Officer (SRO).

The District has contracted with the Village of Round Lake since the mid 1990’s to employ one SRO that has been stationed at Round Lake High School on all school days. This officer is employed by the Round Lake Police Department but has specific areas of responsibility while serving as an SRO.

The role of a SRO is to assist school administration, staff, and students in multiple ways to ensure successful and safe school operations. The officer assists with:

  • supervision in common areas of the school and may respond to incidents requiring safety support during the school day;

  • conducting perimeter checks of the school throughout the school day;

  • communicating with school and district administration regarding incidents within the community that may impact our schools;

  • serving an active role in conducting safety drills and threat assessments;

  • acting as an educational resource to staff and students related to school safety;

  • and explaining possible legal consequences to students and parents relating to behavior code violations.

One part of the SRO’s responsibilities include ongoing threat assessments. Part of the assessment process includes determining the risk level of a potential threat (low, medium, high) and may require the participation of law enforcement. In schools where a SRO is not stationed, an officer is called in from the specific community’s police department. At Round Lake High School, this call is not necessary, as the established SRO serves in this role.

As you may know, RLAS-116 is supported by five separate local police departments. These include Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Heights, Round Lake Park, and Lake Villa. The departments have varying levels of staffing depending on their community’s population and size. This may impact the manner in which local police officers are able to support the threat assessment process, should there be a need.

The Round Lake Heights Police Department has a smaller staff due to the size of the community. Over time, the elevated requirements of the risk assessment process has created a need to request additional support from our police departments. It is important to note that the request for a SRO from Round Lake Heights, to be stationed at Round Lake Middle School, is NOT due to an increase in criminal activity. The request is related to the smaller department size within the community and the interest in providing a larger commitment to safety in our schools and the community. Any time an officer is requested from Round Lake Heights for a threat assessment at Round Lake Middle School or Indian Hill Elementary School, this decreases the available safety support within the larger Round Lake Heights community. Having a dedicated SRO at Round Lake Middle School will help lessen this concern.

Please note that the staffing size at the other four police departments provides what we feel is ample support to meet the needs of the current threat assessment process and safety support at the schools located within their villages at this time. As a reference - our local police departments support the following number of our schools:

  • Round Lake - 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 1 high school, 1 transition center

  • Round Lake Beach - 2 elementary schools

  • Round Lake Heights - 1 middle school and 1 elementary school

  • Round Lake Park - 1 elementary school

  • Lake Villa - 1 elementary school

During the 2022-2023 school year, RLAS-116 will have one SRO at Round Lake High School and one SRO at Round Lake Middle School. Given the ongoing reports of school violence incidents across the country, some may wonder why there are not SROs stationed at each of our schools. Know that we understand the concern of our families when it comes to this topic. While no school will ever be completely free from the potential dangers of violence, safety continues to be our first priority at RLAS-116. Our District works very closely with our Coordinator of Safety & Crisis and our local law enforcement agencies, evaluates and implements new and enhanced safety procedures, conducts ongoing safety training with staff and students, and researches funding opportunities to continue to support these efforts.

Families are welcomed and encouraged to contact their school principal if you have any questions or concerns regarding safety within our schools.

School Visitor Procedures

It's been so great to have visitors back in buildings again this year! Below are some instructions for anyone visiting our schools.

When arriving at the school, you will need to press the call button which is placed on the wall near the main entrance of each school. A staff member will greet you over the intercom while viewing you through the security camera placed at each entrance, asking for your name and reason for your visit. Please be patient while your information is being verified.

Once your information is verified, you will be buzzed into the building and asked to stop to check in. You will be asked to provide a photo ID. A visitor ID will be provided if you are accessing the inside of the school. Visitors are not permitted inside of schools until proper check in procedures are completed and access to enter has been approved by a school staff member.

We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation as we implement these measures to help ensure the safety of our students and staff.

If you have any questions about visitor procedures, please contact the school office.

Student Handbook & Dress Code Reminder

The 2022-2023 Student Handbook is posted on our District's website. This webpage provides a variety of important topics related to your child's enrollment at Round Lake Area Schools CUSD #116.

Specific areas of note include: general rules, student behavior and conduct, parent notices, etc.

One topic that was reviewed and revised over the summer is the Student Dress Code. Please be sure to review the requirements of the Student Dress Code with your child and contact your child's school office if you have specific questions.

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