Singapore Strategies in 2015-2016

What are the plans for year 2?

We are excited for the upcoming Singapore math trainings!

Our twelve math focus schools will receive an intensive one-day training in late July or early August in order to assure that ALL teachers on your campus are familiar with the basics of Singapore Math Strategies. We have already consulted with SDE in order to focus more on the essential components ( number sense, number bonds, decomposing, bar modeling, etc.) and we feel this training will be great for teachers at all levels of implementation. We will then continue to support your sites through ongoing professional development opportunities utilizing the new Singapore math leaders at your site (those going to the national conference in July). We will share more information about this shortly!

*Please be sure to set aside $3000. 00 from your budget to pay for this fantastic training. (Remember, it is well below the cost of sending your entire staff to a conference:)

July and August training schedule

Thursday, July 30th / Friday, July 31st / Monday, August 3rd

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tomahawk, Sunset, Tarver, and Heatherbrae ( K-2) @ Training Center from 8:00-3:20

Tomahawk, Sunset, Tarver and Heatherbrae (3-5) @ Tarver Cafe. from 8:00-3:20

Friday, July 31, 2015

Pena, Davidson, Spitalny, and Harris ( K-2) @Training Center from 8:00-3:20

Pena, Davidson, Spitalny, and Harris ( 3-5) @ Davidson Cafe. from 8:00-3:20

Monday, August 3, 2015

6th, 7th grade and 8th math teachers from Harris, Atkinson, Estrella, Sands, and Castro @ Training Center from 8:15-3:30

*All books and materials will be supplied for teachers.

Scott Winters, Assistant Director of STEM and Deborah Kuenzli, Assistant Director of Math & Science