October Career Awareness Update

What Did We Do Last Month?

YouScience is Up and Running!

The goal of YouScience is to help students uncover and understand their natural abilities and find the career paths that will best use those talents. All sixteen of our member schools are currently using YouScience in some way. I have observed many "light bulb" moments with students when they realize how awesome this tool is for their success.
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Rossford Junior High

2nd Grade Career Awareness!

We began the kick-off to our Intro to Careers Kit in Kelly Kerns' 2nd-grade class at Dorr Elementary. Later on, we traveled to Karen Noble, Kyle Szczublewski, Stacy Appelhans, Kelsay Hoacnson, and Jenny Peases' 2nd-grade classes at Eastwood Elementary.

The Intro to Careers Kit includes the following:

ABC of Careers rap

Interactive read-aloud featuring Dr. Suess

Career Awareness Assessment

Community Helpers Careers Characters

When I Grow Up Coloring/Activity Page

The Manufacturing Cluster Careers Kit includes the following:

Interactive read-aloud: There's a Hat for That! Exploring Careers That Fit You Best by Dr. Kevin J. Fleming

Manufacturing Careers Cluster Assessment

Manufacturing Career Cluster Challenge Cards and activities

They had a blast and cannot wait to learn about the Manufacturing Cluster next month!

Intro to Careers Kit and Manufacturing Cluster Careers Kit

October and November Careers Kits

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Dorr Elementary

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Eastwood Elementary


Member School Spotlight

Manufacturing Cluster Careers Kit

In November we will be exploring the Manufacturing Cluster in 2nd and 5th Grade at Dorr and Eastwood Elementary. Check out all of Penta's awesome Manucturing Cluster career choices below.

Advanced Manufacturing Academy

Penta offers the Sophomore Advanced Manufacturing Academy. This is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in the manufacturing industry. Check out the link below for more information.

Computer Aided Design Lab


Precision Machining Lab

Penta Career Center - Precision Machining

Robotics & Automation Lab

Penta Career Center - Robotics & Automation

Welding Lab

Penta Career Center - Welding