Mrs. Chesworth's Newsletter

Week of January 19, 2016

Social Studies

We will be sending home our next social studies project next week which will be based on early explorers. All fourth grade classes will be participating in this project. Students will work on a paper and a timeline to show us the important events in their chosen explorers life. Students will choose an explorer in class and can work on some of the research in class, but will put together the project at home.

Harcourt Reading: Antartic Journal

Our story this week is a narrative nonfiction. This tells about people, things, events, or places that are real. A journal is a form of narrative nonfiction.

We are working on sequence of events. The sequence is the order in which events take place. To keep track of the sequence, look for dates and times of day as well as signal words such as when, now, then, and again. Use a graphic organizer to keep track of the structure of the story.

Field Trip

Our Field Trip on February 1 is to the Queen Theater. This is part of an outreach; Light up the Queen, where they bring educational programs to the community. We will be seeing a rhythmic language show where it teaches students the history and culture behind music while having fun!! In order for your child to go on the field trip they MUST have a signed permission slip.


We continue to work on our math curriculum. Students are really grasping the concepts and starting to excel with the concepts being taught. They are learning the standard algorithm, the partial product, and the area model for multiplication. This is allowing them to be able to use a variety of tools to solve problems. Keep up the great work!


Please remember homework is not optional. It is part of a child's participation grade for the semester and everyone should be doing it nightly. Homework is an extension of our daily work so it is important for students to be doing this nightly. Reading is part of the daily homework.

Spelling Bee

We will be having a classroom spelling bee on January 28th. The winner will go on to go against other 4th and 5th graders.