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Macy Dyer

Hitler's back!

Hitler has just invaded Vienna, Austria! On March 13, 1938, Hitler invaded Vienna and started forcing Jews out of their homes with only their clothing. As you know, almost all of the Jews in Austria live here. Prior to his invasion, Hitler and Austria made an Anschluss (union). With a combination of threats and propaganda, the Nazis took over Austria. In just a few moths, Hitler has taken control of Austria and is on to his next country.

Because Hitler has been overpowering many countries, many Jews have been immigrating to New York. Many boats can be found along Ellis Island at almost any time of day. This is also causing lots of buses and subways to be overcrowded. Who knows how long this will take?

One Eye Laughing, the Other Weeping. By Barry Denenberg, 2000

A New Star Is Born!

Julie Weiss (age twelve) was the star of the play "Peter Pan". She plays Wendy Darling, and steals the show! She is a promising young actress who appears to be as beautiful on the inside as she undeniably is on the outside. her performance was subtle beyond my years! She is a new, natural young talent!

About the Book

Julie Weiss is a twelve year old girl who lives in Vienna, Austria with her mother, father, brother, uncle, and maid. Adolf Hitler has invaded most of Europe and is about to come to Austria. Julies' parents tell her that there is nothing to be worried about because they are Aryan, not Jewish.

The radio news announces that Adolf Hitler will be coming to Austria. The Weiss family is very excited because they believe that Hitler is an amazing and strong leader. The maid, Milli, has a picture of Hitler in her drawer. She thinks that he is very handsome and is in love with him.

Two weeks later, Nazis break down their door, and threatened to kill. Milli gives them up saying that they are the Jews and she's not. They take all of their belongings. Soon, Mrs. Weiss falls into deep depression and takes her own life. Julies' brother leaves home with only a note stating he is moving to a better place. Mr. Weiss decides to send Julie to her aunt and uncles home in New York. He says it will be better for her there.

Julie arrives in New York on July 2, 1938. She meets her Aunt Clara and Uncle Martin. Clara works as an actress and Martin is a businessman. Clara just got the main character in the play "Peter Pan" and is trying to convince Julie to play her daughter. Julie gets the part and does amazing at it. Although Julie misses her father, she loves her new lifestyle.