Prevention Plan for Expecting Moms!

Plan Ahead

  • You'll need to get 400 micro-grams of Folic Acid, everyday.

Folic Acid is important to use when you're pregnant. It can help prevent your precious little one (or ones for you mamma's expecting multiple babies) brain and spine defects. A rich, healthy diet will also help you receive the Folic Acid you need.

  • You'll need to see your healthcare provider regularly.

Before pregnancy, if possible, see your doctor to make sure you're in proper health to get pregnant. Make sure you are on the proper prenatal vitamins and have a well balanced diet before getting pregnant.

Avoid Harmful Substances

  • Avoid alcohol at any time during pregnancy.

Now, it is important to avoid drinking as much as possible because when you drink alcohol, your baby will get some of that alcohol as well (remember it like this - whatever I eat, my baby eats too). Now, we all know it's very unsafe for fetus' to ingest alcohol. So, in order to prevent the effects of drinking in your child, you'll need to become sober while you're pregnant.

  • Avoid smoking cigarettes.

Smoking is extremely dangerous to a fetus. You may not know this, but smoking can cause preterm labor, cleft lip or pallet, or infant death. Quitting smoking before your pregnancy is best; however, as soon as you find out should be okay as well.

  • Avoid marijuana and other "street drugs".

Street drugs can cause any number of problems in adults - now, imagine the damage that can be do to a developing fetus. Fetal death, low birth weight, preterm labor, and other major defects are common among infants who's mother used drugs while she was pregnant.

  • Prevent infections.

Some infections are detrimental to an unborn infants health. Some easy ways to prevent infection are hand washing, cooking meat until it is well done, and staying away from people who have or may have an infection.

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Choose a Healthy Lifestyle.

  • Keep diabetes under control.

Poor control of diabetes can increase the risks of an unborn child having a birth defect and other problems with pregnancy. It can also be detrimental to the mother.

  • Strive to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

A woman who is obese before pregnancy is at a higher risk for complications than a healthy person. Also, obesity increases the chances of the baby to have a birth defect. If a woman is obese, she should speak to her health care provider before she gets pregnant.

Talk with Your Healthcare Provider.

  • Talk to a healthcare provider about taking any medications.

  • Talk to a healthcare provider about vaccinations.