Andrew jackson

by: Logan Pint

What did he do for our country?

Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States and was a dominant actor in American politics between Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. He also defined the modern notion of the President as the representative of the people, and he repaid the national debt. He also added the Spanish territory of Florida to the US. He ended all Indian threats in the Eastern US.
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What were some of his positive actions?

He believed that as president it was his job to represent the interests of American citizens.

Jackson reduced the federal debt, and he resisted the bankers attempted takeover of the country. He encouraged participation in voting for people. He earned lots of respect for demanding our rightfull payment from France. He also allowed white males to serve in the government.

Negative Actions

Andrew once shot & killed a man over a remark about his wife, Rachel. He closed the national banking system and he only put his friends in government jobs. He was also a slave owner and owned over 200 of them. he killed many native American's In 1830 Andrew Jackson started the Indian Removal Act, and removed thousands of Native American families, specifically Cherokees, from their homes in the Carolinas and Georgia so that white families could move into their homes and caused the death of nearly 2000 Native Americans.

Who were his enemies?

Andrew Jackson's enemies were Nichols Biddle and Henry clay. Henry was another politician that ran against Andrew Jackson. Nichols Biddle ran the bank of the united states which was the bank Andrew tried to close.

How did he become president?

Andrew Jackson got elected because the common people elected him and not the wealthy people.

Was Andrew Jackson a hero or villain?

i think president Jackson was a hero because he stopped us from being in det and resisted bankers to take over the country