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April 13, 2020

Diamond Fork Jr High

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Beginning this week, we will be going to an "A/B day" schedule to simplify daily tasks for students, teachers and parents. This will hopefully make it simpler for everyone to keep up on what needs to be done each day, while still encouraging student participation in their courses! Here are the main elements of the schedule:

  • Fridays will still be "E-time Friday" with no new assignments
  • Math will be every day still (M-Th)
  • English will be Mondays & Wednesdays
  • Science will be Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • All other courses will be in either "Elective Group #1" or "Elective Group #2" (See the schedule below)

Elective Group #1 (Mon/Wed)

  • Social Studies (except AP Geography which will be daily--M-Th)
  • Drama, Art, Choir, Band, Orchestra
  • PE
  • Small Animal Science

Elective Group #2 (Tue/Thur)

  • Reading, Creative Writing, Literature & Film, Journalism, Character Ed, Leadership
  • Health
  • FACS, Sewing, CCA, all CTE, STEM
  • Spanish
  • Debate

Pass/Fail Option for 4th Term

At the end of 4th term, students and parents will have the ability to choose either the letter grade earned for each class or a Pass/Fail option for each class. More information will be coming as we get closer to the end of the term. Let's keep working hard!


Beginning TOMORROW, we will be offering VIRTUAL Study Hall for Students to get help with any assignments. Follow the links at the appointed day and time! You will need a password to enter any of these sessions. The password for all sessions is Online2020. All links can also be found on our school website.

7th Grade--TUESDAYS


9th Grade--THURSDAYS

SChool office hours

DFJHS is open daily from 8:00am until 4:00pm for any student or parent questions, needs or concerns. Feel free to call (801-798-4052) or stop by during these hours. Additionally, you are obviously welcome to email any concerns to any teacher or administrator!

We Love Our Teachers!

As the DFJHS Administration, we wanted to take this opportunity to give a shout out to our amazing teachers and support staff for all they are doing to help make this transition as smooth as possible for our students. Our teachers are working hard and working long hours to make this work, and we are so grateful they are ALL IN for Learning!

High School Student Council Elections

MAPLE MOUNTAIN HIGH SCHOOL: 9th graders interested in running for Student Council at Maple Mountain High School for next school year, please email Mrs. Ethridge at lynette.ethridge@nebo.edu. Because of this unexpected isolation, the original deadlines and plans have changed. Mrs. Ethridge has the information you need. Please contact her right away.

SPANISH FORK HIGH SCHOOL: Requirements for 2020-2021 Spanish Fork High Student Government Elections:

  • Sophomores will be selected through application and teacher recommendations. https://forms.gle/T2tLuPekgUgsxaW18
  • All candidates must be a current student, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, have no NCs, and owe no fines.
  • Student council will meet periodically throughout the summer for leadership training and planning.
  • Student council will attend the USU Leadership Conference in Logan, June 15-18. Attendance is strongly suggested.
  • Student council members must take the Council Leadership class during the school year.
  • Student council members will participate in ALL council-sponsored activities.
  • Student council members and parents are expected to help with major events, such as dances and HFAN, with both set up and clean up.
  • Student council members may participate in other extracurricular activities; however, student council is a leadership position that requires the full attention of members. If students cannot make council a priority, it is not the organization for them.
  • The cost for each student council member will be approximately $500 used as follows:
  1. $250 (approximately)—USU Leadership Conference (conference, lodging, meals, and transportation)
  2. $200 (approximately)—Council jacket
  3. $50 (approximately)—Council shirts
If you have any questions, please email Mr. Dayton at brad.dayton@nebo.edu

National Junior Honor Society Applications

8th graders who picked up an application for next year's National Junior Honor Society, please turn your application to the office or Susan Anderson's workroom box before April 17th. If you need an application, please email Susan Anderson at susane.anderson@nebo.edu.

Nebo Mountain Bike Team

The Nebo Mountain Bike Team will be holding an information meeting for all students interested in joining the team next year (2020-21 School Year). It is open to all students in Nebo School District, grades 7-12.

There is a Parent Orientation Meeting this Thursday, April 16 @ 8pm via Zoom. See the attached flier for more details!

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Daily Announcements

If you haven't been on our School Website (dfjhs.nebo.edu) or Instagram page (@official_diamond_fork_jr) lately, you're missing out on our Administration's daily announcement videos. They're not very high quality, but they're something at least... We miss seeing our students each day, so we thought we could at least say hi each day!

FREE School Breakfast & Lunch

Nebo School District has received a fee waiver from the State Board of Education to provide a FREE NUTRITION PROGRAM for AGES 0-18.

Each school day (M-F), students can pick up a Grab-n-Go breakfast and lunch between 10:30am-12:00pm from several area schools. Diamond Fork Junior High is one of these locations. Children from any school may pick up meals at any of the locations, but the children must be present to pick up meals. Both meals may be picked up at the same time.

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