Muture Rated Games, Good or Bad

By : Taylor Jones

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When you look at this game what do you see? Do you see millions of kids killing each other online. Do you hear all the trash talk, all the profanity. Next look at the rating of the game. Most of the games made today a rated M for Mature. Promoting violence, sex, and drugs as everyday life.
The games above are all fantasy games. Where all your dreams can come true. You can become a hero, and have super power. In some cases you can play as a villain. They also all have one thing in conmen, the rating for them Is M for Mature. As a gamer I love to play theses games, but what is it doing to us outside the game. Making the players of these fantasy games that are rated mature addicted to sex, drugs and violence.

The sex or sex suggested scene in m rated games can be overwhelming. The women super heroes are almost always dressed in tight clothing and show big breast and a curvy body. The men super heroes share the same depicting picture, a super strong body with six pack. In other games like GTA the women are dressed as if the where prostitutes selling themselves. Even more shocking you can go around and make your player have sex and control him while in the act. If that isn't bad enough the drug reference and all the violence take over. Every m rated game to be a good game has to have sex, drugs, and violence.

I think a plan of action is needed, something should be done to stop the sex and violent senses shown to our young adults. There needs to be a ban on M rated games. Mature rated game are now out of control. A ban on mature games I think would slow down a lot of violent and sex crimes. Our youth would stop seeing that everyday life isn't just drugs, violence and sex.
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If your tired of watching your child playing violent games day and night, you should help find a ban for mature rated games. The amount of hours our youth are entertained by mature rated games, the more they can be exposed to that life style. With a greater chance of effecting his or her life in a negative way.