Makenna B.

About Me

I go to a Junior High School and my favorite class has to be math. I also love to play volleyball with my family. I have one dog and her name is Miley and she's about three years old. Also another one of my hobbies is to sing because when I'm frustrated it calms me down. Another hobby is I like to take my dog for walks. Finally I love Nebraska volleyball, but I like Michigan football.

Another thing about me is that I have a big family. I have five aunts and uncles and ten total cousins. In all those cousins, the newest cousins are twin girls and their names are Ella and Eva and their sister's name is Emma and they're living Lincoln. Also I have one other cousin living in Lincoln and her name is Raelynn. Another one of my cousins live on a farm and his name is Clayton. Finally all my other cousins live in here in town, they're names are Reese, Brendan, Shane, Kaitlin, and Kara.