Okapi's are quiet animals, you probably haven't ever heard of them before.

The noise thay make is a soft "chuff". They are found in rainforests around Central Africa.

Here is an example:

What kind of place does the Okapi live in???

The Okapi's home is rainforest terrain which is obviously very wet.

It hides in the dense shrub, which camoflages it so that predators such as leopards won't see them.


Okapis' usually eat things like; grass, leaves, fruit and have even been known to eat charcoal off a tree that has been struck by lightning.


The Okapi has strong, stripped legs that make it run fast and jump high.

They have a dark brown body and head which help it camoflage, they also have a VERY long tongue. The females okapis are larger than the male okapis.

Did you know that the Okapi is related to the Giraffe not the Zebra???


There are only about 10, 000 to 20,000 left in the willd, their main threat are humans.

In the wild their main threat are leopards.

Okapis are solitary, territorial animals and they communicate by making low "chuff" noises