Wind energy

By: Nathan Flannery and Collin Willert


  • Renewable Resource
  • Cheap after Built
  • Clean
  • Doesn't Pollute


  • Threat to wildlife
  • Noise Pollution
  • Expensive to build
  • Not always wind

Nathan's Stance 1, Collins Stance 2

1.When it comes to making energy I think that wind turbines are one of the best sources. Mainly because of where we live. In the Sandhills there is almost always wind to make energy. I think that we should start making wind towers every where.

2.I am for this energy because it is reliable and will never run out. I also believe that this is a very good alternative energy for fossil fuel. I think that if wind turbines didn’t cost as much and pose a threat to wildlife that the wind turbines would be a great resource for wind energy.

Energy 101: Wind Turbines