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Dr. Quiauna Scott, Superintendent

April 30, 2020

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Staff Updates

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Thank you for leading with empathy and equity by providing a meaningful learning program for our students. The extended in-school dismissal has led our staff to rethink and retool instruction through the means of distance learning. The innovation and dedication to turn obstacles into opportunities are both noticed and appreciated!

During Spring Break, both ETA and District Leadership met to co-develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Some highlights include:

  • Students will be provided at least one learning opportunity per day.
  • Teachers will provide distance learning at least 2 hours per day (virtual instruction, office hours, check-in with students/families).
  • Students will be “held harmless” and will not receive a lesser grade than the 3rd Quarter marking period. Students will have the opportunity to improve grades.
  • Teachers will maintain student engagement logs and notify the administrator if there are any students who are not participating in distance learning activities.
  • The District will work with teachers to provide the materials and resources needed to provide distance learning.
  • All grading, direct services, promotions, and graduation will be completed prior to June 5, 2020.

Please refer to the MOU for additional information.

In alignment with the guidance from the California Department of Education, teachers, support staff, site and district administrators collaborated to create the EUSD Distance Learning Plan.

The desired outcome is that the distance learning plan will help to provide guidance and serve as a repository of resources that are available for our staff, students, and families as we continue to learn and innovate together.

This will be an iterative process. So, we welcome your feedback as we continue to update the plan to meet the needs of our learning community.

Please click on the tab below to see the EUSD Distance Learning Plan.

Preparing Devices - April 2020

We are Better Together...Thank you!

To date, 279 devices (iPads and laptops) have been requested from the IT Department. Over 200 devices were sanitized, updated, and distributed to our students thus far!

Many thanks to Will, George, Coach Ray, Magenta, Ms. Duana, Teacher Tree, Ms. Odgen, and Mr. Burns for their efforts to ensure our students have access to technology. Your efforts are appreciated beyond measure!

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April 30, 2020 - Letter to EUSD Community (Updates)

This is a copy of the letter that will be sent via RoboCall to our families for your review.

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