by: mia young 7th period


being a cerified midwife nurse provides health care involving emotional and physical support to women before, during, and after childbirth. They are registered nurses with specialized training in assisting pregnant women and their newborn babies. According to the US Department of Labor, nursing is the largest health care related occupation in the country. Employment opportunities for certified nurse midwives are excellent and are expected to grow 21%-35% through the end of the decade.

Education requirements

high school preparation

  • take highschool courses in biology, chemistry, health occupations/medical professions, phychology, sociology, computer skills, p.e, home economics, english and history.

college requirements

  • must be a registered nurse
  • complete an accredited educational program to earn either a certificate or a master's degree.
  • must pass a written examination given by the American College of Nurse Midwives.

cost of education

  • Ranges from 32,000 to 51,000

Intitutions where the education is offered

  • MEAC (midweducation accreditation counciliferey)
  • Georgetown university (school of nursing and health studies.)
  • Frontier nursing university (distance education from the birthplace of nurse-midwifery and family nuring in america.)
  • oregon heath and science university. (number one in nursing-midwifery)


National average annual salary: $57,600

Salary Range: $55,600-$87,100

State salary: 85,000

whi i chose this career

I chose this career because I think being a mid wife is really important. I feel strongly about helping women and most of the time going to the hospital and getting a C-section on the spot seems very unhealthy to me, so giving birth naturally seems the like the healthier way to go. Also ever since I was younger than I am now I've always had an interest on the stages of pregnancy and the development of a fetus into a newborn baby.

career statistcs

  • CNM-attended births account for 10% of all spontaneous vaginal births in the United States, and 7% of all U.S. births in total. Of these deliveries, 97% occur in hospitals, 1.8% in freestanding birth centers and 1% at home.

career outlook

  • CNMs/CMs are a vital part of the healthcare team and collaborate closely with physicians, they work together as a team and women receive an optimal combination of primary and preventive care, with specialized services as needed.In addition to the care they give patients before, during and after pregnancy and childbirth. Also a fact is 90% of all their patient visits are for primary, preventive care. CNMs/CMs are skilled health professionals who practice in a wide variety of clinical settings, diagnosing and treating patients as well as referring them to a specialist. So the job outlook is excellent.

professional associations

American college of nurse-midwives