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Friday, July 31st, 2020

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Check out this Month's Suggested Titles

Children with Disabilities

These books encourage children to be understanding and accepting of peers with special needs, while also providing children with disabilities all-too-rare role models who represent their struggles and triumphs

Children's books on Friendship

-in honor of International Friendship Day - Thursday, July 30, 2020
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Dear Hoopla Users

Early next month Hoopla will be releasing a new digital eBook experience to make it even easier for reading any of the thousands of eBook titles available with no holds and no waiting.

eBooks now have an innovative vertical scrolling mode that allows patrons to take a break from flipping pages. With a simple swipe you can continue on in the story. They have also added a faster scrolling engine, which allows for a quick skim of any eBook title.

With more patrons turning to Hoopla for educational and homeschooling content than ever, Hoopla has added new Highlights & Notes features, which are perfect for students and book discussion groups.

Capturing thoughts and highlighting important sections to go back to for quick studying makes it easier than ever to learn on Hoopla! To help patrons find what they are looking for, Hoopla has also added a more enhanced search with added context. And by popular demand, Hoopla now have a quick-changing Landscape view to read the book on a tablet or iPad in a wider view.

To learn more, check out this video

Summer Activities

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Update on Covid

Be Stronger Together

The “Stronger Together” campaign was designed to assist communities in promoting mental wellbeing and positive coping strategies during times of stress and crisis.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of mental health and provide tools and information to promote psychosocial support. The campaign places a special focus on vulnerable people, such as children and adolescents, women, older persons, persons with disabilities, essential workers, and people with pre-existing conditions. It will also help start conversations around gender issues, including the different roles that men and women have in the family and the community, a possible rise in gender-based violence during the pandemic, and the importance of ensuring that all communication products are more accessible to persons with disabilities.

Contacts to learn more:

CDB: H. Amanda Lynch-Foster, (246) 826-7107,

PAHO: Lisa Bayley, (246) 434-5200, 40034,