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Registration | Regional youth leadership conference 2015

Regional Youth Leadership Conference

"There is this moment. A breathtaking moment where nothing else matters but the people around me and what we believe together. We are dancing the same song, screaming the same shouts, and there is an energy moving us forward and making us ONE. In that moment, we start building something greater than ourselves. In that moment, our stories change forever. In that moment, I swear, we are INFINITE."


The registrations for RYLC 2015 is now open. The conference starts on 18th September 2015. It is happening in Vizag. The delegation i.e attendees of the conference will go together. This conference is only for new recruits.
The conference is made and designed in such a way for new recruits that YOU have a beautiful experience.

Register NOW. DDL for registration is 10th September 2015.
Do not miss out on this experience, it is the most amazing experience.
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Tushar Khatod, Vice President Talent Management - RYLC Experience

I have been a part of this organisation for 3 years. As soon as I joined AIESEC I applied to attend RYLC, which was in Manipal. Going in a bus, non AC for 28 hours was in itself way out of my comfort zone.
I had the most beautiful experience where I learn and developed myself. Understood myself better. Met AIESECers from different cities, made life long friends. I just had a smile on my face for 4 days. While leaving I remember that I had tears of happiness in my eyes because of the experience that I had just gone through. I am here in AIESEC now only because of RYLC 2012. The MOST BEAUTIFUL experience of my life. I have 3 turning points in AIESEC and that was my first and the most amazing one.
I am so happy that I am going to an RYLC again. Yes I will be accompanying all the delegates who will be going to RYLC on 18th. Hope to see you all then.

Like always, life is about being a better version of yourself and this made me a better Tushar Khatod.

Stay beautiful :)

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