Eagle Strike

By Anthony Horowitz


First off, Alex Rider, the main protagonist. Alex's parents died in a car crash when he was young, so he went off to live with his uncle. He didn't know this but his uncle was training him to work for MI 6, British Intelligence, throughout the time he lived with him. This was helpful because he is now a teenage agent. Damian Cray, a pop star humanitarian, and ironically, the antagonist, hires an assassin to kill the father of one of Alex's friend Sabina

which is why Alex becomes involved with Cray's plans to nuke areas with lots of illegal narcotics, the thing he hates most. Lastly, Yassen Gregorovich, the assassin Cray hired, started the plot by Alex trying to find out what he was doing in southern France.


In the story "Eagle Strike", the general theme is Alex, the main protagonist, catching the antagonist, Damian Cray. This is because Damian Cray hired an assassin, Yassen Gregorovich, to kill the father of Alex's friend Sabina. The problem is, Damian Cray is a famous pop star. This means that Alex will not be backed by MI 6 as he usually is considering he is one of their operatives. With this, he is going up against a very powerful man with almost unlimited resources, alone.


"Your call has been accepted, monsieur. Please go ahead.' More silence. Then a voice. It spoke just two words.' Damian Cray." This is significant because this is the part of the story where Alex knows that Damian Cray is behind it. It's also where Alex started to investigate Damian Cray and was able to find out the bigger plot behind the scenes.


In southern France, a teenage spy for MI6, British Intelligence is on vacation with his friend and her family. Then, Alex, the spy, notices the assassin who killed his Uncle, Yassen Gregorovich, coming into port. This leads to Alex finding out that Yassen was hired by the pop star, Damian Cray and was hired to killed the father of Alex's friend Sabina. Now, he is going after Cray without the backing of MI6. To top it off, his friend Sabina thinking he's crazy after he tried to prove that he worked with MI6. With only the help of his legal guardian, he goes about, trying to figure out what Cray was up to. It turns out that Cray is trying to nuke places with lots of illegal narcotics. Cray gets to the point where he launches the missiles and wants Yassen to kill Alex and Sabina. The problem for Cray is that Yassen does not kill children so Cray shoots Yassen and tries to kill them himself. Alex is wearing bullet protection and Sabina throws herself at Cray, so the two survive and self destruct the missiles while sending Cray into the turbine of his plane.