Miss Rieth's 5th Grade Class

Lessons and Activities for April 27th - May 1st

Let's Google Meet instead of Zoom!

I don't know about you, but seeing you all on Zoom was the highlight of my week! Let's do it again! We're actually not allowed to use Zoom anymore, but I think there's an easier way for us to virtually hang out, anyway! If you go to Google Classroom, there is the "Classwork" tab at the top of the page. To join our meeting, simply on it and then click "Meet" at the top of that page on Monday, April 27th at 1PM! This week we're going to have a show and tell of your favorite pet (real or stuffed animal)! Remember that everything we see and hear needs to be school appropriate, and please make sure you can give your undivided attention to your classmates. How disheartening would it be to share something special to an audience full of people who are busy playing off screen? Let's be as respectful as we would be in class.

I can't wait to see you again,

Miss Rieth

**Remember on Istation, if you don't complete a whole 20-minute session in one sitting, it will start you completely over the next time you log on.



  • We're moving on in Wonders to Unit 6 Week 1! In this section, please pay attention to the:
    - Essential Question - How do different groups contribute to a cause?
    - Genre - Historical Fiction
    - Comprehension Strategy - Summarize
    - Comprehension Skill - Theme (life lesson or the message)
    - Vocabulary Strategy - Homophones

  • I have assigned a few tasks for you to complete in the "To Do" section of your ConnectEd Wonders website.


  • 20 minutes on Istation reading

  • Read one book on Epic or a few pages in a chapter book at home



  • Kind of like last week...use a deck of cards (and remove the face cards) or make your own cards with the digits 1-9 written on them (NO ZEROS). Draw 4 cards from the deck and arrange them into a 4-digit number, then draw 2 cards from the deck and arrange them into a 2-digit number. Practice DIVIDING multi-digit numbers with your 4- and 2- digit numbers using the algorithm way (the way your parents and I were taught in school) OR show them how to divide using the Big Seven. Obviously...using a calculator wouldn't help you practice this skill, so no calculators allowed. Hop on Google Classroom, and find the Math section under "Classwork" at the top of the page to tell me what problem you drew from the deck and what you got for an answer.


  • One round of Xtra Math to practice times table fluency (or make flashcards and use those to practice instead)
  • 20 minutes on Istation Math
  • One lesson on Zearn.org

OPTIONAL TASKS (meaning you don't have to, but you can if you want to)

  • Prodigy
  • Imagine Math


This week you will write an informative paragraph about how you've been helpful to your family lately. Please visit our Google Classroom, click on "Classwork" at the top of the page and scroll down to the writing section. There you will find your prompt and an example of what I'm asking you to do.


Last week we ventured down into the depths of the sea. Let's turn our gaze upward this week! Our universe is full of mystery and wonder. Learn about the mind-bending phenomena of black holes! Then you can play around on this interactive site to REALLY get a sense of just how small we are. What an extraordinary perspective!

Social Studies

Go back to the Bickel Smore homepage to find Ms. Idso's page named "Room 23 and the Gang". Your Social Studies assignments will be at the bottom of her page.