Geography, Globalization & Nintendo

How do these three things affect people around the world?


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Geography and Globalization influences people’s lives


Globalization is the process of economic growth and decay. It can help share cultures and technology, but can also limit diversity and bring businesses and countries to poverty.

Problems with Globalization

–Environmental: Pollution caused by factories

–Cultural: Decreases diversity once more by distributing the same product to many people

–Technological: Replaces old DS consoles and makes buying games harder for those who do not upgrade

–Economic: Hurts other gaming companies

A solution to the cultural problem of less diversity is simply to make games that are diverse and celebrate different parts of culture in the world that many people can enjoy and relate to.

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How does this relate to individuals?

Most of what we wear, eat, use, do, buy or sell is related to globalization because the four main points of Globalization help us in our everyday life. For example, if I eat food from California or Japan, Globalization made it possible for me to have that ability because of trade, communication, and the environment in which the food was made or grown in.

Also, we talk to many people and do work on a phone, laptop or other electronic. We can learn about many things and help others because of increased knowledge about technology which helps the world make the things aforementioned that help us do these things.


Geography influences where, when, why, and how people live where they do. Large cities are largely based around bodies of water because as countries were developing it was important for them to be in a place where they could get bare necessities of life and have ways to trade with outside nations.

Pros and Cons of Geography

When people live in good climates and places where culture can bloom without much outside disruption (wars, sickness, etc.) , entire empires (both literally and businesses) can evolve and grow. Examples of this are Rome, China, Japan and many more. However, when people don’t set up shop (per say) in good areas, great civilizations fall quickly to sickness or invaders. Examples of this are Mayans, Incas, etc.

How does Nintendo tie into this???

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Well gee, I'm so glad you asked.

Nintendo is a great example of Globalization! From how they are recognized from a single character or even a sound effect, to how the actual making of the consoles isn't even done in Japan anymore! That's right, just like most of the world's things, Nintendo products are primarily made in China. Some facts about China, the population is 1,366,993,911 and many of the natural resources used to make a DS are found in the country. It costs approximately $101 to make a 3DS in China, not including transportation of the products. Nintendo products are shipped almost worldwide by boat or plane, and then to stores to be sold by even more planes or trucks.
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To sum things up...

Everything is connected to Geography and Globalization, from the clothes you wear, to the food you eat. Globalization is shown in the acceleration of communication, transport, and shared cultures. It can raise the economic standard or bring countries to poverty.