Job Interview Process

Amanda Decker

Before the Interview

There a lot of things you should do to prepare for your job interview.

1. Collect information about your company

2. Prepare what you are going to wear

3. Prepare your interview questions

4. Make sure you have the companys present address and the correct directions

Finally 5. Be punctual. Get up early. Giving yourself time to get ready and arrive before the actual interview begins.

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During the Interview

When arriving for your job interview you at least want to show up 15 minutes early. Show up any later than that, you might be anxitey and freak out before it starts. So don't show up no later than 15 minutes before the interview. Also during your interview there a few things you can do. First thing is to have a good pitch, then show lots of enthusiasm, make sure you did your research. So before you go in there make you researched the company, and the opoortunity and the person you will be interview for (if possible). Next is demonstrate that you can work on your feet and lastly in the interview show that you can be persevere. And always make sure to shake hands whenever needed.
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5 most common interview questions

1. What are your strengths & weaknesses? For strengths say I am able to work as part of a team but also independently with minimum supervision. For weaknesses don't give more than one and turn a potential negative into a positive e.g. I can get a bit impatient because I am so keen to make things happen, and I don't always consider the pace the rest of the team is moving at.

2. How would your friends describe you? A good way to answer is My friends would describe me as good company,keen to get things organized so that we have a good time. Someone who makes a positive contribution to our group and an ideas person who thinks outside the box.

3. What motivates you? Say I like to do a good job for customers and get feedback from them that they are really pleased with the service, so that the company is seen in a positive light.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? A good way to answer is I would like to develop my technical skills over the next 2 years and then progress into a people management role which will set me up for a senior management role after 5 years.

5. What do you know about our company. The interview is trying to find out how enthusiastic you are to work for them, and you really must show them that you have done your research into their markets,products, competitors and the financial performance of the company. That way you can demonstrate that what is happening at their company excites you.

After the Interview

There are some things to do after an interview.

1. Show that you are still interested

2. Set the stage for further contact

3. Be punctual

4. Know when to sit tight

5. Send a prompt thank-you note

6. Send each interviewer a personalized, powerful follow-up letter

7. Address one of the company's needs

8. Keep thinking and learning about the company

9. Leverage outside resources

10. Accept rejection with grace

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Tips on dressing for the interview


1. Moderate shows

2. Limited jewelry

3. Solid color, conservative suit

4. Manicured Nails

5. Neat, professional hairstyle


1. Solid color, conservative suit

2. White long sleeve shirt

3. Dark socks, professional shoes

4. Neatly trimmed nails

5. Go easy on the aftershave

Don'ts for an interview

1. Don't chew gum

2. Don't rely on your application or resume to do the selling for you. No matter how qualified you are for the position, you will need to sell yourself to the interviewer.

3. Don't tell jokes

4. Don't smoke, even if the interviewer does and offers you a cigarette. And don't smoke beforehand so that you smell like smoke.

5. Don't be soft spoken. A forceful voice projects confidence.

6. Don't say anything negative about former colleagues , supervisors, or employers

7. Don't ever lie. Answer questions truthfully, frankly and succinctly. And don't over-answer questions.

8. Don't answer questions with a simple "yes" or "no". Explain whenever possible. Describe those things about yourself that showcase your talents, skills, and determination. Give examples.

9. Don't bring up or discuss personal issues or family problems.

10. Don't answer calls during an interview.

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