Soldotna Area Schools

Reconfiguration Newsletter- October 9, 2013

Recommendation is coming together

On October 8, 2013 the Soldotna Area Schools Reconfiguration Advisory Committee met for the third time and completed 8 of the 9 parts of our school name, color, and mascot recommendation. When completed, this recommendation will be presented to the Kenai Peninsula Borough School Board. The School Board will refer to this recommendation along with other input they receive to make the final decisions on the issues covered in the recommendation.

The single issue not resolved for the recommendation is naming the Soldotna Area 10-12 grade school. Our discussion will continue at the next meeting. The date for this meeting has been changed to October 21, at 5:30pm at the SMS library.

Consensus was reached on the following issues:

We recommend-

  • The middle school be named: Skyview Middle School
  • The ninth grade school be named: Soldotna Prep
  • The middle school mascot be: the Panther
  • The ninth grade school and 10-12 school mascots be: the Star
  • The available colors for all schools be: Blue, Purple, Black and White. (this pallet opens the possibility but does not require, additions of complementary highlights)

The agenda for the October 21st meeting will be:

  • Continue discussion and possible consensus on the name of the 10-12 school.
  • Discuss and possibly make recommendations of preservation or transfer of cultural and historic artifacts.

Because it is possible we will develop a proposal containing all the elements with which our committee was charged, it is possible that the October 21 meeting will be the final meeting of the advisory committee.

Decisions on the administrative team have been made.

The first major element of the reconfiguration timeline has been met. The leadership for each of the effected schools has been selected. They are as follows:

Middle School

  • Principal- Sarge Truesdell
  • Assistant Principal- Tony Graham

9th grade

  • Principal - Curtis Schmit

10-12 HS

  • Principal - Todd Syverson
  • Assitant Principal - Randy Neill

Staffing meeting date changed- deadline unchanged

The meeting (administrative) to begin the discussion on staffing has been changed from October 12 to November 11. This change was necessary because the information needed for these decisions will not be available until after the November 4th school board meeting. District administration will be meeting with union representatives on October 10th to review protocol, past practice, and process. With all of the necessary information available, the November 11 meeting will still allow enough time for the process to be completed on or before the projected timeline of January 15.

More conversations

Now that the leadership has been selected, informal conversations and research are going on about programs and how to best increase opportunities. Currently, besides the core subject conversations, leaders are collecting information on the need for languages, vocational programs, music, sports, food services, and more. I have been very impressed with the level of thought that is going into the formation of the vision for our schools. Thank you to all the staff and community members who have provided the positive "What if" kinds of comments and suggestions.


What's next?:

· Staffing

· Program design

· "Physical move plan" development

· Student activities and transition support

These are not displayed on a calendar as some elements occur simultaneously.