HCS Student Newsletter

Important Information From Mrs. Klaehn

January 14, 2021

Thank You!

Dear HCS Students,

One of my favorite things to do is to pop into you classrooms, without any particular reason, just to hear and see what's going on. We all get bogged down from the day-to-day stresses of life, and it can be really easy to let those things pile up until they are all-consuming. For me, it results is a general bad mood: I become tired, irritable, and often have a headache, neck-ache or backache because of the build-up tension and toxins caused by stress (or maybe that's just because I'm soon-to-be entering a new decade, and I'm getting old).

When I feel this way during my work day, the best remedy is to walk away from the "busy work" and be with students and teachers. I will admit that it doesn't happen as often as I would like, and increasing the frequency of these class visits is one of my goals. Still, it has a tremendous impact with immediate results: my body relaxes, I smile more, and I am in a significantly better mood.

So my message to you this month is this: thank you for providing me with little doses of joy on a daily basis. Your words and actions fill me with hope for the future!


Mrs. Klaehn

Tech Support Google Classrooms

Sometimes there are tech issues that can be solved without our technology crew having to put their hands on your devices, but still require us to see things from a student view. We can easily do this by resetting your passwords and logging into your accounts, but then that means you have to get a new password, and sometimes that can be frustrating for you.

We have thought about how to better handle some of this, and have created Google Classrooms for Tech Support. This will allow us to run GoGuardian and see what you're seeing so we can help fix the problem, and will likely not require you to even leave your classroom! There will be no assignments in these Google Classrooms; we simply need you to join them! Please take the time to add yourself to the appropriate classroom with the codes below, and then Ms. Klingensmith, our Director of Technology, and I can help as needed!

Grades 6-8: yl3xiwn

Grades 9-12: 5m5ehjf

Teacher of the Month

Want to nominate one of your teachers for Teacher of the Month? Use this form to identify a teacher who goes above and beyond for their students! I tell them they're amazing all the time, but it's more meaningful when it comes from YOU. See past recipients below:

November: Mr. Stewart

December: Mr. Buckley

Please complete the form by Tuesday, January 19th so I can announce this month's recipient at our Faculty Meeting!

True BLUE Bulldogs

We are always watching you (in this case, I mean this in a good way)! Staff members and I are frequently on the lookout for students who demonstrate the following traits:

  • bravery,
  • leadership,
  • understanding, and
  • empathy.

We look for these traits in your academic endeavors, your social interactions, and your day-to-day actions and attitudes. When we spot it, I send a letter home to your family so we can celebrate you, and I add a blue paw to the bulletin board outside the office. If you see a peer demonstrating these traits, please let me know, and I'll acknowledge them, too!

We aren't motivated to be good people because we want recognition for it, but it's still nice to be noticed!

Frustrated over something?

Frustration is part of being a student. Heck, it's part of being a human being. Sometimes we are frustrated because we don't understand, and sometimes we feel that something isn't fair. If you're feeling frustrated over one of your classes, your first step in working through it is to talk to your teacher. I know this can be intimidating, but your teachers are here to help you and they care about you. If you don't feel like you're being heard, your second step is to come and see me or speak to your counselor. Together, we can figure it out!

DASA and Student Mental Health Concerns

One thing I love about you is that you generally love each other, and you want to do what's right. If you have witnessed or are experiencing what you perceive to be harassment, you can submit a report on the district's DASA form, and school personnel will follow up.

In addition, if you have concerns about another student's mental health/ wellbeing, and you believe that self-harm is evident, please tell someone! You can talk to any adult in the school and we will follow up to check in on other students (and you can also self-report). If you have concerns outside of the regular school day (evenings, weekends, vacations), it's important for you to tell an adult in your home and work together to take action, whether it means contacting another student's parents or calling 911 to report a concern. Waiting until you are back in school to tell someone here, or emailing someone at school is not the most effective way to handle a report or concern, because we may not have an opportunity to read the email right away. I know this can be hard, but as Albus Dumbledore said, "We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy." At the end of the day, we just want to make sure the people we care about are safe.

FLX Kids are Alright Project

Calling all middle and high school students from Livingston, Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming or Monroe Counties! Are you interested in mental health? Apply now to be apart of the "FLX Kids are Alright" project where you'll learn practical graphic design and social media skills while creating and designing youth mental health literacy materials to be shared with your peers. You'll even earn a $25 stipend for each of the 8 virtual sessions you attend!

Space is limited - visit http://bit.ly/flxkidsalright and apply by January 19th!

Not New But Still Important!

Student Connections

One of our goals this year, partly as a result of the hybrid or remote schedule but largely because we want to increase our support of students, is to have a better idea of which students feel safe with and connected to adults in the building. This has also been posted in the PE Google Classrooms, and as of this moment, 164 students have completed it. It will take approximately 30 seconds of your time, and will help us to better support you! If you click on the link and it won't let you submit, that means you already completed it (thank you!).

Please see this form to complete the survey.

Google Meet Expectations

There are 2 slides here, which I hope you will review. This is important for our 100% Remote learners, but also for our students who occasionally need to jump on to a lesson's Google Meet. It's also important to remember that, if we have to go 100% Remote again sometime this school year (we certainly don't want to, but we need to be prepared), the expectation will be that students are attending Google Meets and participating. We currently have, and will continue to have, traditional grading, and participation and work count!

Counselor Corner

Reach out to your counselors any time via email:

Mr. Carrier

Mrs. VanLare

Motivational Music

This song does an excellent job of capturing a message that we, as educators (and even I as a parent) tell young people all the time: it gets better. Teenage years are hard, but you're going to be alright! Jimmy Eat World released "In the Middle" in 2001. I was in college, and you weren't born. None of you. I am so old!
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle - Lyrics