Top 5 Guidelines

for Using Social Media

First Impressions are Last Impressions

It is said that the first impression of someone is the final say on their personality, behavior, etc. Same goes for social media. Many people do not realize that using derogatory language and also portraying inappropriate content can affect not only your personal relations but also your professional aspect. It is best to keep the website inappropriate level at minimum when online not until you get a job but also throughout your career.

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Pictures, Privacy, Conversations, and Cyber Bullying

The second guideline is pictures. Always keep the internet free from inappropriate pictures. Now a few selfies here and there don't hurt.
Third is privacy. Always cite a source and do not break any copyright issues. Play it safe rather than sorry.
Fourth, we have the amount of activity one pursues on their social media content. Using Facebook for an example, it may look odd if someone where to post almost every day or week then stop for a month. Companies look for social activity just don't post every picture of you partying online.
Fifth, I believe that sometimes, arguments or derogatory comments made on social media can be sense as cyber bullying. I feel it is best to keep all nasty comments off the internet and keep everything as professional as possible.