OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)

Juanito Aviles 10/16/15 Health - 6

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Definition of OCD

  • A fear that you've been exposed to a disease, or a gnawing apprehension that you have not done something well enough.


There is no real cause of OCD ,but research suggest that differences in the brain a genes of those affected may play a role.


Depression, fear, anxiety, nightmares.


At ages 25 and under you can get OCD.


In history Martin Luther (1483-1546) is the first and most important leader of the Protestant Reformation in Europe suffered from OCD. By the late 1880's, OCD achieved full clinical and nosological (disease) definition.In the 1850's OCD phenomena was considered insanity. In 1809-1873 OCD was placed in the catergory "delire emotif" (disease of the emotions). Dagonet (1823-1902) considered compulsions to be a kind of implusion and OCD a form of folie impulsive (impulsive insanity).

Treatment / Medication

Treatment includes Talk Therapy or medication.

Medication for ocd can be anafaril.