Daniel Hoyle

MA Education

A little bit about me...

Hi, my name is Daniel Hoyle. I have been going to Ashford, online, for several years now. I completed my bachelor's degree in Psychology and I am now in my Capstone class for my Master's in Education. I have had an overall great experience with Ashford University and have learned many skills that have equipped me to be a successful teacher. Ashford has kept me on the correct path toward my educational and career goals.

I am a single father to three kids. The oldest is Malachi, the middle child is Joshua and the baby girl's name is Anna-Marie. I also have my brother's two girls because of some life experiences he faced. Their names are Chastlyn and Andreanna. I have always had a love for children and a passion for teaching.

I am very excited to be in the CHAMPS Peer Mentoring Program. I hope to get to help people who are in need of some extra guidance. I remember first coming into the program feeling like I was lost. Ashford did not have a mentoring program at that time. I think this is a good program and I hope I am able to help people overcome their fears of online schooling.