Hardware& software


Hardware are the computer systems or objects that you can touch pick up and give to someone. These are things such as iPhones, tablets, laptops, discs or USB sticks. If you can physically touch it then its not a hardware. They're are three types of hardware input where you put information into the computer, output where you get the outcome of what you programmed for example what you see or hear out of your computer, and storage where you store information inside your computer on things like a disc or USB.

Some examples of input hardware:

Keyboard- Is used for typing information into the computer.

Mouse- Is used for controlling what you click on, on the screen.

Buttons- Is used for turning the computer on and off.

Examples of output hardware:

Speakers- Is used for amplifying sound.

Touchscreen- Is used for touching what you want to clicked on used like a mouse.

Microphone- Is used for making your voice loader.

Printers- Used for printing your work from the computer onto paper.

Headphones- Used so that you can hear sound from the computer but no one else can.

Projector- Used for projecting light onto the screen to make it bigger.


Examples of storage hardware:

CD- Used for storing music, photos etc.

DVD- What stores things such as movies.

SD cards- Stores memory

USB stick- stores memory


Software is what's stored inside your computer or smart phone. These are things such as apps for example word PowerPoint safari or Facebook. You cannot see or touch software. There are two types of software ,Program which is things such as apps like Microsoft and Operating systems which is effectively controlling the programs so brands such as android or IOS.

Examples of Program software:




Power point

Internet explorer

All of these apps are used your entertainment research or socializing.

Examples of operating systems: