Utilizing Mobile Devices



With generations becoming more technologically advanced year by year we, as educators, must find new ways to help them learn. These new, innovative ways of teaching need to take advantage of the new technologies that students are becoming dependent on.

The Numbers!

  • -Makes it easier to access coursework (72 percent)
  • -Increases communication with other students (65 percent)

  • -Increases communication with instructors (60 percent)
  • -Increases my knowledge in my field of study (48 percent)
  • -Improves my quality of work (43 percent)
  • -Increases motivation to complete coursework (42 percent)
  • New Ideas


    Airdropping is the transfer of photos, videos, contacts, and other media through devices without texting or emailing. With assignments completed on a cell phone, small videos, photography, and et cetera. This will lessen technological difficulties with emailing and improve the amount of on time work. There would have to be a universal system to accommodate to IOS and android based devices.

    Smart Watches

    With technology still advancing I thought it would be a good idea to explore some new ideas for future reference. One thing that is a growing industry is smart watches. A watch that has nearly the same capabilities of a smartphone. While not every student has a smart watch now, it will not be long until the majority do. Therefore, I think this is a technology to look into, one way to use them is as an answering tool like a cell phone, but the smart watch will make the answering of questions a little more convenient than a cell phone.