Weekly Note

April 20th-24th

Hello Parents! We had an extremely busy week in Kindergarten! Please be sure to check out our amazing week and also, please read my testing email that accompanies our smore! Thank you so much for your support!

Tikki Tikki Tembo!

On Tuesday, April 21st, Kindergarten performed their Spring Play/Concert! Students did an AMAZING job! This performance was no easy task! Students have been practicing their lines and songs for weeks and on Tuesday, it finally all came together! Students did a very nice job at their rehearsals and each rehearsal improved as we got closer to the final show! Students should be very proud of themselves! Thank you so much for your support and help this past month!

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

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On Friday, April 24th, students traveled to Upper Darby Performing Arts Center to see the play "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!" This play was based off of the book by Judith Viorst! We read Alexander in class and we also watched the video of it! After we returned from the play, students wrote about their favorite part of the play in their journals! It was a fantastic way to end a great week!

SAT 10 Prep

Throughout this entire week, students have been preparing for our SAT 10 test that is coming up this week! Students have been reviewing Language Arts skills such as rhyming, beginning sounds. blends, word/sentence/punctuation identification, word reading, sentence reading, and ending sounds. Students also reviewed listening comprehension! Listening comprehension is where students listen to a story being orally read to them and then they answer questions about the story. Finally, students reviewed many mathematics skills such as adding, subtracting, money, graphing, skip counting. and shapes! Students also practiced taking an actual test, so that they know what to expect this week! Please read my testing email that accompanies this smore!

Community Helpers in our Neighborhood!

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Students continued to learn about Community Helpers in our Neighborhood this week! Students read a story about Veterinarians and wrote about what they can do and how they help our community! Students also learned about chefs! In art class, students finished constructing their neighborhood! All of our architects, engineers, painters, and landscapers were very busy completing this task! Our last task to finish with our neighborhood is adding street signs and giving it a name! This will be on display at our Spring Art Show! We have one more week left of our Community Helpers Unit! This week, students will decide which community helper in our neighborhood they would like to write to and then they will begin to write their letters to thank them for their service in our community!

Visiting Our Upper School Friends!

This week, Kindergarten friends had a lot of fun visiting our Upper School friends and seeing the exciting things they are learning about! On Wednesday, students stopped by Mrs. Garritt's First Grade class to visit the chicks that just hatched! Next year in first grade, our Kindergarten friends will be learning about the lifecycle of a chicken and hatching chicks themselves! Students were so excited and had so much fun visiting the baby chicks! On Thursday, Kindergarten friends visited the "Lion's Cage" to see the awesome inventions that fourth and fifth grade created! Students created a product and pitched the idea to the "lions" in hopes of gaining an investor! Students presented their product with a tri-fold advertisement board as well as a commercial on the I-pad when presenting their pitch! Kindergarten friends really enjoyed listening to what their older friends had to say!