"This IS Your Moment"

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"Do Not Compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself." Taylor Swift

Have an Awesome Week ! Lets continue to work together, we need EVERYONE! B.E.S.T! Lets be models for our students and examples of what we would like to see from our students. I saw one teacher plead to her students to be better people in our school/ community. Teachers lets also be better, for our school and our community. Let's keep being a school of collaboration and demonstrating how well we work together. No one can do it ALONE!

ShoutOUT to Ms. Lawson on winning STEMEmployee of the Month! Ms. Lawson does so much for our school in and out of the classroom. Way to go Ms. Lawson!

Shout OUT to Mrs. Naomi Donnell! Mrs. Donnell is our Test Coordinator for our school. She has been doing a great job trying to accommodate all of our students. Way to go Mrs Donnell.

Shout OUT to our Bluford STEM Teachers on working on our STEM Application! We appreciate all of your patiences and hard work with our STEM Application. You guys rock! Way to go Bluford STEM Teachers!

Shout OUT to our Day Time Tutors! Our Day Time Tutors will be leaving us soon. They have meant a lot to our teachers and students. If you see them walking around the school ,give them a Bluford Thank You! Way to go Day Time Tutors!

Shout OUT to our Black History Month Committee! This Committee is preparing various different activities for Black History Month! Please watch out for emails and announcements about Black History Month activities. Way to go Black History Month Committee!

Shout OUT to Ms. Soloman! Ms. Soloman is new to Bluford STEM Academy. She is one of the Technology Representative for her grade level and she continues to grow in and out of the classroom. Way to go Mrs. Soloman!

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