Come to Minnesota!!!!!

best place on earth!!

Some interesting facts about minnesota

The first steamboat to come here was called the virginia! We also have great land for farming too! We are known for the land of 10,000 lakes. We have many trees and soil if you would like to live on a farm. Pigs eye landing was named after a tavern that had one eyeball


We have a slogan for our state!!

It goes a little like this............. Make Big Money In Minnesota!!!!!!!!!

We're pretty cool.


Pig eye landing is named after a one eyed tavern owner named Pierre Parrant

He was the first european sent to live in the boarders of saint paul

All the steam boats landed there also!!

Pierre Parrant

Pierre Parrant was the very first european to be sent to the Saint Paul boarders to live

people also named Pigs Eye Landing after him


I feel that trains would be the best and safest way to travel from the east!! Boats would be ok but not to safe you could hit a rock and sink and get hyperthermia from the water.

Harriet Bishop

Harriet Bishop had this quote from when she was a teacher.

~I have known Minnesota from it infancy,and have loved it as a parent does a child,till my very being is entwined with her interests, and to me it is fit for paradise. Come to MInnesota, but bring with your principles firm and unyielding