Many things to learn like how to type better/faster!

Every day 2 hour 2

Guaranteed to type faster and learn more about computers.



  • Learn how to make a trailer for a movie.
  • Learn how to add music in a recording.
  • Learn how to edit movies.


  • Learn how to persuade people.
  • Learn how to make clips and scenes.
  • Able to be creative in scenes.

Haiku Deck

  • Make as many slides as you want.
  • Good for making projects for class.
  • Entertaining, find cool pictures and more.

Explain Everything

  • Have plenty space to explain what you need.
  • Make your slides colorful and creative.
  • Put pictures in a slide that explains a topic.

Go Animate

  • Learn how to animate.
  • Find good backgrounds and characters that you like.
  • Add and adjust sound that fits the characters.