Hurricane Camille

Anna Bishop, November 19, 2012

How do Hurricanes begin?

Hi, my name is Anna Bishop. I'm here to tell you everything I know about hurricanes. Like how they start, and their history. I'm also going to tell you about a Hurricane named Camille. Here we go!

A hurricane begins as a tropical disturbance and turns into something potentially deadly. Hurricanes maintain strength by drawing in warm, moist ocean air. They lose strength when they move over land and release the air. Hurricanes must develop on a coast with surface temperatures of at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here's some cool facts about hurricanes. Hurricanes develop on the Atlantic coast where as tropical typhoons develop on the Pacific coast. Hurricane season is mid-August to late-October.

How are Hurricanes Named and Categorized?

From 1950-1952 hurricanes were named by going through the alphabet starting with A and skipping Q, X, and Z, and only using woman names. In 1953 people, mostly women, started to catch on. They realized that they were indicating that women were like hurricanes. Good thing we caught on! So they then started using men names too.

Hurricanes are categorized using the siffir-simpson scale. They are categorized by wind speeds as well. Like 74-95 mph is category 1, 96-110 mph is category 2, 111-129 mph is category 3, 130-156 mph is category 4, and 157 mph and higher is a category 5 hurricane.

A Hurricane From History

I'm going to tell you about Hurricane Camille. Camille started on August 14th of 1969 and made landfall on the 17th of August that same year. Camille had wind speeds up to 120 mph. But the secret is, the actual highest wind speeds will never be known. Camille made landfall on the Mississippi coast on the 17th of August as a category 5 Hurricane. 256 deaths were recorded from Camille. This Hurricane cost $1.421 million, that's a lot!

Three deaths were recorded all the way in Cuba from Hurricane Camille. She went from category three to five in just one day! It was still raining and storming five days after Camille made landfall.

These are some things to be looking for if a hurricane hits your area. Remember be watching out around mid-August to Late October.

Written by: Anna Bishop