Cowboy challenge tips!

By: Chad Johnson

Eating right!

Eating is a very huge part in staying healthy as we saw in the film fat, sick, and nearly dead. For those of you who say you can't lose weight while dieting, you're wrong. Juicing is a great supplement and can make you lose weight fast! Choosing this path along with fruits and veggies will make not only for a healthy meal, but a delicious choice!

Here's a website for you to try out to start your juicing experience!


Exercising is a great way to have fun, and lose weight at the same time! I don't know about you but when a win-win situation comes around, I'd take it! Whether it's swimming, climbing, kicking, dancing. Throwing, or sky diving, you can have a "ball" while still losing some major pounds. In the film we watched, joe, bear, and Phil all tried exercising and dramatically improved their lives! So what are you waiting for?

For some exercising routines, try this website!

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Expect more or yourself, you'll get it!

My coach always used to say this to me during practice and it would ALWAYS work. While staying healthy can be extremely fun and satisfying, it's not always easy. Motivation always needs to be in play while making the healthy transitions you're about to commit too. Stay motivated and the results will come, I promise! Have fun on your new journey through the Cowboy Challenge!
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