What does it mean to be invisible? How can you raise awareness about invisible populations?

Things Not Seen:

Invisibility is partly when you aren't noticed or are an outcast. Alicia is an "outcast" because she is blind. Since she is blind she is invisible because "she is her moms big project and has lost all but one of her friends, who is Nancy Fredricks” (Clements 106 & 107). This shows that she is invisible because no one notices her and the only time her mom notices her is to help her, since she is her big project.

“Homeless Children”:

There are many homeless kids, and a bunch of them live alone. Since they are homeless they are ignored and become invisible. These children are affected because they “‘can’t get the full range of shelter services, food assistance and counseling to manage the trauma of being homeless, and they can’t get it because they’re kids,’ said Ed Walz.” (Homeless Children Pg. 2)This shows that homeless children are also invisible because they don’t get what they need.

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Have The Homeless Become Invisible?:

A video shows invisibility because people, loved ones are walking by family members dressed as homeless people. This shows that people that are homeless people are ignored. Because the are ignored they because invisible and not noticed. People say “of course I would notice a loved one if they were homeless” but they don’t.


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