Pop Latino

Spain, Latin America

History of the music

Around the 1960's, Sergio Mendes had a global audience which had spread Pop Latino to the US around the 1980's. Latin America, Jazz music, and Pop music influenced it.

Characteristics of the music

One of the major characteristics of music in this genre is rhythm. The music contains a smooth steady rhythm. The main instruments are bass guitars, bongo drums, drum machines, drums, trumpets, etc... It is popular for concerts, parties, and it is dancing music. The costumes associated with it are bright vibrant colors. Some known artists are Enrique Iglesias, and Shakira.

Connection to dance

Some dances associated with this music are rumba, samba, and paso doble. This music consists of fast movements, dancing rapidly.

The music today

The music is becoming more popular in America, and it will start to become more popular as more spanish people and cultures come to the US and influence it.


Loca - Shakira Ft. Dizzee Rascal by DanzaTunez

By: Kaylee Kline