The Me Project

By: Amritpal Buttar



Who Am I?

Hello my name is Amritpal Singh Buttar. I was born in Canada, Brampton Ontario on May 2nd, 2000. The Hospital i was born at is called William Osler. I attended Kindergarten all the way through to grade five at Grenoble Public School. i loved my public school because my two brothers and my sister went there so all the teachers recognized me because of my last name and were always nice to me and respectful. After i graduated from grade five i moved to Father Tobin rd and started to attend Lougheed Middle School on the first day of grade six. My years in Lougheed Middle School were amazing and i met a lot of new friends who i hang out with today, and the experience i had was unbelievable. it was filled with enjoyment and memories. I now attend Louise Arbour Secondary School and i am currently in grade ten. My grade nine and ten years at Louise Arbour have been fantastic so far. I have encountered more friends from different schools and i have started friendly conversations with more teachers and started a healthy relationship with them. I honestly enjoy the two years i have had at Louise Arbour Secondary School. My interests are music, sports, video games and food. My favourite genre of music is rap. The rap music i prefer is called drill music from chicago/chiraq. The rappers i prefer are Chief Keef, Fredo Sanatana, Lil Reese, RondoNumbaNine, LA Capone, 600Breezy and S.Dot. My favourite sports are basketball, soccer and football.My favourite soccer player is Bastian Schweinsteiger. My favourite basketball player is Kyrie Irving. My favourite football player is Odell Beckham jr. My favourite video games are Call of Duty Black ops 3, FIFA 16, Grand Theft Auto, and NBA 2K16. My favourite food is burgers from KFC. This is a little description about me.

My Life Line

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My parents are deciding on getting me a car because i passed my g-1 test in 2016

My Favourite Things

My Leadership Style.

I have six leadership styles. The styles are coercive, pace setter, visionary, affiliative, democratic and coaching. in my opinion the leadership style i think i have is coaching. i think i have a coaching leadership style is because a coaching leader will develop people and allow them to try different approaches to new doors and i believe have the capability to do that. Also coaching leadership style contains organization for yourself, and others, it can develop skills, and self awareness. i think i i have the capability and courage for all these examples and i think i am in the correct leadership style position.

My influences!

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My Main Influences

My main influences would have to be my mother, my father and lastly my siblings. Firstly my mother has influenced me to be a better individual and to be strong and independent. She explains me what is wrong and what is good so in the future i do not make any mistakes in life or in school that would get me in trouble with the law or other people. Secondly my father has taught me when to pay bills, how to play sports, he has taught me math, where to change tires on the car or how to fix cars, put oil in the car when your at a gas station, etc. My father is preparing me for when i grow older and when i will have to know about these things and how to do it so it is not last minute and i do not stress. Lastly my siblings. My brother and sister taught me how to stick up for myself, courage, and how to listen to elders so i can be respectful and get respected back.

-This has made me a better character from the inside and outside because of the positive influences and positive vibes that surround me.

-My friends have influenced me to be strong, and never stress about bad energies. They influenced me to do good in school, listen to others and always be respectful because they said respect is a big factor in this world and if you give others respect you will get respect towards you. My friends are my family and they influence me to be a better person and never to give up on anything i put my mindset to, and they tell me always keep trying to achieve greatness.

Role Model / People in My Life.

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My brother is my role model and an important person in my life because he has been there for me and had my back through rough times. i appreciate him for everything he has done for me. He has stuck up for me and he buys me things i ask for, i ask him for personal advice and he supplies me with advice i would want and that would benefit me while i grow older. If i would get in trouble he would take the blame because he does not like me getting into trouble. My brother is a upcoming police officer and he is training in the police academy and that gives me a lot of courage and i feel protected because my brother is training to be in the force. He has affected me in such an amazing way because he has taught me how to be strong, have courage, face my fears, and most importantly how to be an amazing father when i grow older so i can teach my kids what my brother taught me when i was 16.

My Future!

My future career plans are to be a police officer for the peel police. I am interested in this job because of the adrenaline after a bust and also i wanted to be a police officer since i was 10 years old because of my fathers friend. I plan to get there by finishing college and completing the police foundations course, and after get sent to a police academy and do all my police training so i can get into the field i am interested in and then get put into a precinct that needs police officers to patrol and to fill in empty fields.

Family Symbols

Quiz Results


Learning Styles- Visual-Kinesthetic Learner

Personality- ISTJ

Interests- The Trailblazer (AE)

Knowledge- Technical and Trades

Motivations- Recognition



-Top 3 Types Of Intelligence





-I have completed the "True Colours" test and i have scored to be a "Gold" type.






Right brain- 38%

Left brain- 60%

*My brain is 98%*


The tests on my Blueprint was the most accurate towards me. My blueprint had a lot of quizzes and they determined me quite well and fell perfectly into the category i want to pursue when i grow older. It was most helpful because there was more than 3 quizzes that relate to me and my future career making it easier for me to understand the concept. My four strengths are listening so i can hear instructions, Aiming for success so i don't slack off and do no work, Always finish the required assignments , and lastly follow orders so it can benefit me for my future career and help me feel the concept. My four weaknesses are that i do not stand still when someone is talking and i fidget, i need to come to class earlier so it can benefit me in the future with my job as a detective in my precinct, be respectful to others because sometimes i tend to have a small temper, and lastly meet expectations because i really do not follow through at some points and wonder off and then i get no knowledge to succeed following things i need to prepare with. I learned a lot of new things about myself, and and i was really surprised by all my test results. i did not expect my self to have these kinds of intelligences. To conclude this is my reflection and all my test results.