Kaleidi Extended Day Newsletter, Vol. 14, 11/17-11/21

Tuition Payments and Contract FAQ's

Payment #5 is due on November 21st. If you are interested in paying by Credit Card, please let me know and I will send you a payment link.


We have questions every year at this time-- Do we prorate Tuition for December? We miss half the month! We do miss half the month of December, however, the payments are not based on the days in the month. They are based on the days we are here during the year. Every year, we develop the calendar and add up the days we are here and divide by ten.

Using this formula, you do not have to pay a different amount every month. Per the contract you may not withdraw from the program then re-enroll in January. We use this payment model as a courtesy to Parents.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Kaleidi Contract

Please use this link as a reference to the contract Parents signed when you enrolled your student in Kaleidi.

Moby Max is HERE!

Starting Monday, November 17th, if you would like your child to have Moby Max time at Kaleidi, please make sure you download the Moby Max app onto your child's device. We will assist your child in accessing the Student Wi-Fi at PLP. We will not take time away from our 30 minutes of homework, but will be adding 15 minutes before homework. If this isn't enough time, the children can access the app in the 5:00 hour.

Thank you for your patience as we roll this out!

NOTE: At this time we can only utilize Moby Max on personal devices. If you do not send your child with a device, they cannot access Moby Max.

We are OPEN on Friday, 11/21 until 6:00pm. Please pack your child a NUT FREE lunch to enjoy!

Half Day Important Information (11/21)

Next Friday, November 21st, we will combine our Kindergarten-Fourth Grade in the ACC Multipurpose Room. As a perk, we let the 5+ kids decide what they want to do on that day. Sometimes they all want to stay together, but most times they want to branch out on their own.

K-4 will dismiss directly to the ACC's Multipurpose Room for lunch. Please pack your child a lunch that does NOT have to be microwaved. We do not have access to a microwave in the ACC.

The fifth grade and Middle School children will report directly to their Kaleidi room in the Lower School. If you are picking up, please look at the whiteboard that will be displayed outside of the Lower School. This will be updated with our whereabouts.

Historically, many children are picked up in car line to go out of town for the holidays. PLEASE email me to let me know if your child will not be in Kaleidi. The earlier the better. I would like to be prepared with supplies for our long day. IF YOU PLAN TO ARRIVE BEFORE 12:05pm- Your child will still be in their day classrooms and NOT Kaleidi.

Snack and Activity Schedule

Monday: Pretzels and Pudding Cups

Tuesday: Lays Chips and Applesauce

Wednesday: Cheese and Crackers and Jive Turkeys!

Thursday: Kids Choice!

Friday: HALF DAY... Cornucopias and other Fun Treats!

If you know your child will not eat the snack provided on the day listed, you are more than welcome to pack your child a snack.

Snacks and Activities

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kaleidi Calendar

Please make sure you review our Calendar for the school year. We developed and posted this in MAY. We are unable to change it for this year, but next year we will send a survey to the parents for their input on the days closed.