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Fostering a culture of wellness in our schools - Winter 2022

We strengthen our community by inspiring, building presence, and cultivating a healthy mind and body.

A Note From the Team - by Dr. Valerie Paine

Joy abounds in our schools this time of year from the tree gala and festival of lights to winter concerts, and hot chocolate & pajama parties in our elementary classrooms. It is a special time of year. Then comes January when many of us make ambitious resolutions to start new habits or give up bad ones.

Holding onto things that no longer serve you can create unnecessary stress, discomfort, and chaos in your life. Many of us hold onto objects that we don’t need, filling our lives with clutter. As we step into January, perhaps you can find more simplicity in your life. One way to begin is to look around your home, classroom, or office and take stock of things you may be holding on to. Find one thing you can get rid of right away - a well-used coffee mug, article of clothing, or an old memento.Take a moment to honor the object and then remove it from your space. Releasing things that are not directly supporting your health and happiness opens up more space and opportunity in your life - ultimately bringing you more joy! Resolve to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace simplicity, joy and positivity in the New Year.

In mindfulness,



What if every school included time for quiet and stillness? How might mindfulness support the mental and physical health of students and teachers alike?

30 Days of Calm

Resources for Mindful Breathing

Bookmark this link for future use! Breathing activities, guided mindfulness practices from headspace, relaxing playlists, and more.


Stand Up To Stress Coloring Book

A coloring & activity book for kids ages 8 - 12.

Mindfulness in Nature

Stress Relief Set

50 Stress Relief Cards is the perfect gift for the holidays.

Gift includes anxiety relief exercises, positive affirmations & empowering questions for mindfulness & relaxation.

Yoga with Adriene

Designed for whole body mental health, this 30 Day Journey is yoga for the here and now. This series is suitable for all levels, and offers modifications and enhancements for individuals far and wide to practice in a way that invites transformation and strength from the inside out.

30 Day Journey

Upcoming Mindfulness Opportunities

Year End Walk and Celebration on Saturday December 31st at 10AM at Basil Marella Park

All students and families from Greece are welcome to attend.

Hybrid 2 Hour PL Explore mindfulness techniques for your personal and professional life.

MBSR Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is an 8-week evidence based program that demonstrates positive outcomes associated with increased self-awareness and emotional & attentional regulation.

Incorporating Mindful Movement in the Secondary Classroom with Heidi Aberi

PL Link to Frontline

Click for Google Form - Mindfulness Coaching Sessions

Interested in having one of our Mindfulness coaches work with you or your class? Please fill out this Google Form and a coach will soon be in contact!

GCSD Mindfulness Website and Help Video

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Our Mindfulness Team

Dr. Valerie Paine - Assistant Superintendent for Student Achievement and Family & Community Engagement

Heidi Aberi - Physical Education - Odyssey

Andrea Antonetty - TOSA for Mindfulness

Shanna Calvasina - Inclusive Education - Olympia

Julie Parsons - Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education

Michelle Potter - District Math Interventionist

Lori Quinn - TOSA for SEL and Equity