Come to Mesopotamia

By Nick Burris and Adam Gribbins

A Little About Mesopatamia

Located between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, Mesopotamia has extremely good and fertile soil. We have such good soil because when the snow melts from the mountain tops, it brings down a lot of silt that makes our soil fertile. We always seem to have a surplus of food. We have state-of-the-art irrigation systems so even when it floods, our crops don't get washed away. Speaking of things we've invented, we are also proud creators of the wheel, chariot, cuneiform, sailboat, potter's wheel, math, astronomy, and the calendar. Here in Mesopotamia, we are polytheists. We believe in the sun, moon, sky, saltwater, freshwater, wind, and earth gods. We worship these gods in the ziggurat located in the center of our city-states. Each city-state worships a different god. Each god lives in the top of their ziggurat of their own city-state.

A Little More About Mesopotamia

The great land of Mesopotamia has had many rulers. In the beginning, there were the Sumerians that formed city-states. Then, King Sargon of Akkad took over and forged the first empire. Later, Hammurabi overthrew them and made the second empire, Babylon. Hammurabi also made Hammurabi's code which is basically a whole bunch of laws. Later, the Assyrians overthrew Babylon, they formed the third empire. The capital of this empire was Nineveh. The Hittites helped strengthen the already powerful and nasty Assyrians with iron tools, weapons, and armor. Even thought the Assyrians were powerful, the Chaldeans still overthrew them. The Chaldeans formed the next empire, New Babylon. Their ruler was Nabopolassar. Now, his son, Nebuchadnezzar is the king. He is a great ruler, he is always really nice. Also, the currency that we use here is, well, trading. We trade anything for anything else, considering it's a good deal that is. Our trade route go as far as Egypt and India, that way we can get more supplies. Another thing is our people are categorized into three different groups of wealth. The wealthiest group includes kings, priests, warriors, government officials, scribes, and other powerful people. The next group includes less wealthy people such as farmers, traders, fishermen, merchants, and artisans. The lowest class that typically has little to no money is the slaves. You can become a slave by being a war captive, a criminal, or if you can't pay off your debt.

That's Mesopotamia for you! Trust me, you'll really like it here!