Teen Marriage

What About Teen Marriage

Meaning of Teen Marriage

  • marriage is a lifetime commitment
  • you have to have increased responsibilities
  • learning to communicate with a spouse
  • equal partnership of work and leisure
  • Pleasure and sacrifice
  • Years ago it was easy for young people, or teens to get married
  • The teens who were married they were part of the aristocracy married sooner than people who were poor
  • Today marriage with teens aren't allowed
  • 450000 teens that were fifteen to nineteen were married or were married
  • based on things from the U.S. National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions found boy or girls who got married before or at the age of 18 and higher rated of mental illness later in their life
  • Set boundaries (financial budget, thinking about family planning or methods of birth controls, set mutual goals, relationship must be strong to endure both good and the bad changes that come with marriage)
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Iowa Laws

In Iowa in order to get married you will need a Marriage License, if you aren't a resident of Iowa you do not need to be to get the license. This marriage license is only valid for 6 months.

If you or your spouse got married before or divorced, you need to have the divorce papers or information about the spouses death. Same sex marriage is legal in Iowa, The law was changed April 29, 2009. If you would like to marry your cousin, that's not allowed in Iowa. At the age of 16 or 17 if you want to get married you need a parental consent.the couple must obtain a license from the state that they are getting married in there is usually a fee for the license.

most requirements to get married you have to be at least 18 years old.

Future With Teen Marriage

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. You need to have increased responsibilities. You also need to learn to communicate with your spouse. Equal partnership of work and leisure is also part of it. Pleasure and sacrifice, you will need to set boundaries, for examples financial budgets, thinking about family planning or methods of birth control, set mutual goals, relationship must be strong to endure both good and the bad changes that come with marriage.Financial problems is the reason some marriages fail

Teens that are married often drop out of school, since you only have a high school diploma, you might have a hard time with getting a job

teens cant have a lot of time to learn valuable job skills
teens who drop out of high school they may not have time to learn or develop skills that are needed for jobs
The couple can not live as cheaply as one person
when you get married you should make a budget


Teens that figure out that they are pregnant often will make tough choices about their future. Most of the time teen couples decide to get married because of the pregnancy. If you marry someone because of the baby, it may set stress or could get the relationship to a breaking point. Teens that have a baby will sometimes have issues concerning their future. school, afford the cost, who will take of the baby, baby affect their relationship, responsible parents, support system in place to help. How to make decisions about day tot day activities, money and their future. When having a baby and being a single mother or father, the person may have help from close family or friends, the parent that isn't raising the child is required by the law to help financially.

Decisions and your Future

when you get married you make a vow or a promise to love

that person as your spouse. You need time to think carefully about if you should get

married or not. Getting married is a decision that will affect the rest of your life. And your

friendship with that person.

Reasons for thinking about teen marriage

marriage is a lifetime commitment, you have

to have increased responsibilities, learning to communicate with a spouse, equal

partnership of work and leisure, pleasure and sacrifice.

myths and facts about teen marriage: myth: marriage will end loneliness.

fact: many married people are lonely

myth: romance will always be strong in a good marriage

fact: even good marriages experience ups and downs things that married people have to

do like pay the bills etc. they can become very stressed out and then they don’t spend

anytime together.

myth: cohabitation before marriage is a good test for how well suited couples are for

each other.
fact: today many couples decide to move in together before they even get married they

might not be ready to get married yet.

the case for and against teen marriage: today 20 out of every 100 women getting married

for the first time are teens, out of every 100 men only 8 are teens.

considering that the couples are young they might not know what they are going into

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Finding the Right Person

common values: sharing the same values and opinions is a very important aspect in a relationship. friendship is very important in a marriage.respecting friends and in-laws: our choice of friends reflect who we are. marriage doesn't mean leaving your friends and family when you marry someone you are excepting their friends and family members to.trust: in a marriage you should be able to trust your spouse with everything such as your cell phone password and knowing where you are going answering your cell phone and they should now all your darkness secrets and be able to trust that when you talk to them about what needs to be changed in the marriage that the other person won't get mad and run off and you should be able to trust that if you ask them to pick the kids up or something from the grocery store that they will.


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