buckeye state


Ohio is a awesome state with great stuff to offer! You will learn about cool fun facts, different land forms, places to visit and awesome resources. I hope you will learn a lot about Ohio and will love the buckeye state.

State Facts

Ohio has many fabulous facts like the state animal, state gem and state beverage. This wonderful state has a state animal that is the white-tailed deer. A baby deer is called a fawn. Ohio`s state gem is the flint. Flint became Ohio`s state gem in 1965. The state beverage is tomato juice. It is one of the states symbols. The state animal, state gem and state beverage is just a few of great facts about Ohio.


Ohio has a couple of interesting land-forms. Lake Erie is just one land-form in the northern part of Ohio. Lake Erie is where some steel is made. Another land-form is the great lakes plains which is also in the northern part of Ohio. The plains are next to Lake Erie and is by where some corn grows. The Ohio river borders the southern part of Ohio. The Ohio river is part of West Virginia. The Scioto river is right in the middle of Columbus. I think the buckeye state has interesting land-forms. Lake Erie, great lakes plains, Ohio river and the Scioto river, are just a couple great landforms.

Fun places to visit

Ohio has many fun places to visit such as the Serpent Mound and Perry`s Victory and International Peace Memorial. The Serpent Mound is a mound like a snake. It was built more than 2,000 years ago and is near the town Peebles in Adam County, Ohio. Perry`s Victory and International Peace Memorial is on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. Perry led the U.S. navy to victory in the battle of Lake Erie. Ohio has many fun places, I hope you can go there.
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Ohio has many resources like crops and non-renewable resources. Some Ohio farmers grow crops like corn, tomatoes, soybeans and winter wheat. You could go anywhere in Ohio and see any of those crops. There are many non-renewable resources such as coal, steel, salt, sand and limestone. Those are just a couple of non-renewable resources there is many more.


Ohio is a super cool place to visit. I have told you about fun facts, landforms, places to visit and some resources. I hope you will come and see the buckeye state.