How does knowledge affect our life?

About Me

My name Carlos I am a freshmen; I attend F.L schlagle. I am studying to become an engineer, but first I have to graduate. This is a project for my english I class; I was assigned to make a question that could not be answer with a yes and no question. My question is if knowledge is power. I chose this question for many reasons one being that the future is made possible by knowledge. This is significant to you, because I believe that you have the right to know how knowledge affects your life.

With out knowledge

Knowledge is a big part of todays world, it is what makes the world go round will with some help. If we did not have knowledge or as we call it an education then we would still be communicating by sound. Knowledge is something we have developed over years; its called evolution. Over time we have developed a understanding of the world around us. So in other words if I asked you how do you turn the TV you might think I am stupid, but I reality that person education less then you.