Weekly Events - FTE WEEK

Please make sure to take accurate attendance everyday. This is FTE Week and student attendance is one way that we are funded. Thank you!

Monday, 10/12

7:50AM Brief Staff Meeting RM 106

NGSSS Algebra 1 EOC Retakes, Biology EOC Retakes

Underclassmen Make Up Pictures English Classes

3:00PM – Senior pictures, media

6:00PM – Volleyball vs. HHS, senior night

Tuesday, 10/13 Observe an Educator – day 1

NGSSS Algebra 1 EOC Retakes

English 1 Quarterly Assessment

Wednesday, 10/14 Observe an Educator – day 2

FSA Writing Retakes - Grade 10 (Class of 2017)

English 2 Quarterly Assessment

7:40AM – Schoolwide Workgroups, S-203, L-206, P-106

5:30PM – Swimming @ WRHS

6:00PM – iPad Parent Night, cafeteria

Thursday, 10/15 Observe an Educator – day 3 - WEAR PINK DAY & JEANS!

FSA Writing Retakes - Grade 10 (Class of 2017)

English 2, Economics, US Government Quarterly Assessment

7:45AM – SAC meeting, room 206

6:00PM – Volleyball vs. JWMHS, Dig Pink Game! $1 tickets for students sold at lunches

Friday, 10/16 - SPIRIT DAY & JEANS

FSA ELA Grade 10 Retake (Class of 2017)

Biology, Chemistry, English 2 Quarterly Assessment

7:40AM – Faculty Collaboration Session, room 106 *Pancake Breakfast*

7:30PM – Varsity Football @ HHS

Saturday, 10/17

6:00AM – Cross Country @ Hernando Beach

Sunday 10/18

2:00PM – Krupyak Wedding Reception, 315 Banquet Hall in Palm Harbor

PLC FOCUS FOR THE WEEK: Observe an Educator - October 13-15 - A Celebration of Learning

We are excited to publish information about Observe an Educator on October 13, 14, and 15. You can find all the information you need on our official Quarter 1 Observe an Educator website.

Steps for Observe an Educator:

1. Meet with your PLC to develop an observation plan for who/what/when (Within the site you will find a schedule that you can download. Make sure to visit each teacher's page for more information about the strategies they will demonstrate.)

2. When you observe teachers, use the Feedback Tool within the site to provide feedback to the teachers. We have used a Mach For for this. Teachers have requested feedback, so don't be shy. All emails are listed on the individual teacher page within the site for your use with the Mach Form.

3. After your PLC has finished the observations, complete the Reflection tool found within the site. This is how your PLC will get credit for the week!

Also, for participating you will be given Classroom Bucks to spend at the Ram Staff Store. The store opens on Friday, October 16!

Thank you to everyone who is participating in Observe an Educator. It is awesome to see teachers who are willing to grow together.

Pride Recognition - Rams of the Month

Here are the links to vote for the October Teacher/SRP/Student of the Month. Please take the time to have your students fill these out, as well as filling them out yourself. We will be recognizing teachers that take the time to recognize staff and students. We have made it a little easier this time around, by adding a drop-down menu for everyone to choose from. There are separate links for students responses and teacher responses, so please make sure to have the correct audience fill out the correct response.

TOM Student Link: http://goo.gl/forms/sl3jupcYDR

STAFF/SRP Student Link:


TOM Teacher Link:


Staff/SRP Teacher Link:


We would like all voting to be done by Monday, October 12th @ 3:00 p.m. If you could, please post the student links to your canvas page.

Kudos for Learning, Safety, Pride!

Cpl. Hernandez is recognized by Katie Maertin for Learning: “Helping me with peer mediations! J You rock!”

Kim Theurer is recognized by Ed McComiskey for Learning & Pride: “Thank you for sharing many of your great activities, assignments, projects for US Government. You’re a great PLC partner.”

Joe Kelly is recognized by Claudia Bender for Learning & Pride: “For doing an amazing job with senior college visits and set-up.”

Daniell Grubbs is recognized by Ed McComiskey for Learning & Pride: “Ms. Grubbs is a tremendous help to me with technology, especially Canvas, iPads and FLVS. I really appreciate it. Also thanks for the “How a Bill becomes a Law” poster."

Krista Karmo is recognized by Angie Murphy for Learning: "Thank you for setting up the college visits to Florida Southern and Florida Poly. The feedback has been outstanding from the students and teachers who attended. Your efforts helped to expose our students to the extraordinary opportunities out there for them!"

Alyssa Jones, Gloryvee Ortiz, & Cady Baer for your PRIDE: Thank you for jumping in and helping to make Senior Night posters and banners for our students with me. This really made our students and their families feel special and recognized their outstanding accomplishments."