Teen Anxiety

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What is teen anxiety

Teen anxiety is when teenagers have a lot of stress in certain situations. Having some anxiety can be good, like if you're stressed about a test, you will study harder. But having too much or constant anxiety is not good.
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  • Physical symptoms include: panic attack, shortness of breath, nausea, and headache
  • 10 percent of teenagers have some kind of anxiety disorder
  • Only 1 in 5 teens with anxiety are treated
  • Those with anxiety are prone to suffering depression at the same time
  • Anxiety disorders cost the US 1/3 of the country's mental health bill
  • People with anxiety are 6 times more likely to be hospitalized
  • Genetics, brain chemistry, and life events can cause anxiety
  • Women are twice as likely to have anxiety
  • People with anxiety have excessive and unrealistic worries
  • The highest risk of anxiety in between childhood and middle age
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How to cope with anxiety

  • Think positive thoughts
  • Try to relax
  • Medication
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