Japan and United States


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Monetary value of all finished goods and services within a country's border in a specific time period. Japan (40,442) U.S. (50,700) This shows that the U.S. has a bit more money than Japan, and the United States has a better quality of life and is able to afford a wider variety of goods.

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127,253,075 (Japan) 316,668,567 (U.S.) - Shows that the U.S. has a bit more people and are able to estimate the amount of money the country will made and how much of the goods are needed.
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Arable Land

Land that can be used for growing crops. Japan (364,000) U.S. (9,147,420) - U.S. has more arable land than Japan, and the United States is able to grow more foods.

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Imported Goods

830,600,000,000 (Japan) 2,299,000,000,000 (U.S.) - The United States has more imported goods, and this shows that they have more money and have a wider variety of products.

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Exported Goods

773.9 billions (Japan) 1.564 trillions (U.S.) - The United States exports more goods than Japan, and this shows there is more money and wider food production.