Gender and Identity

David Fomby


I believe that I am funny, fun to be with, and very caring. I am also someone with many life goals. I want to be many things when I get older but am not sure what career to go for. Some of my goals are to be a DJ, police officer, and/or fitness trainer. I have made many goals for my life and I want to achieve all of them. I work hard in school and try to do my best just to get through it so I can finally start my career goals. At home I am not a very productive person. I am lazy and love to just sit in my gaming chair and play video games for hours. I call it practice because another one of my goals is to make money off of it and have a job that I love. All I want is to be happy so that is why I am who I am and do what I do.

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Duke Orsino is well known, has a lot of money, and is in love with Olivia. Orsino is emotional and ambitious. He talk about how much he loves Olivia and what he can give her. That shows that he is emotional and ambitious. Another way he shows ambition is by continuing to tell Cesario to see Olivia to get to her love Orsino. In the play after Cesario return to Orsino to tell him that Olivia has rejected his love, Orsino tells him to go speak to her again" (II.iv.78-84). pg. 4. He shows ambition because even though Olivia said know to him he continues to send Cesario.


Males are stereotyped to be tough. Mostly men say that men don't cry. It is said that men are to do the hard work whereas woman are not. I think that i do not fall into many of the stereotypes of men. I do not think of myself as tough but I do not think of myself as weak etiher. Men aren't emotional is another stereotype. I disagree. There are many guys who are emotional such as myself.

Orsino is a male that doesn't give up on what he wants. He self absorbed. He loves the idea of love. Orsino is neither tough nor weak. He is honest and true.


Many people see me differently. My family think that I spend to much time playing video games. In reality I am not just playing, I am practicing because it could be my job in the future and it is one of the things I want to do. People who have just met me think I am weird and nice. I don't think i am weird, it's just who I am and I am a different person around new people. My closest friends think I am trustworthy, caring, and protective. My closest friends no me best because they are right. I am all of that and the people that get to know me get to know who I really am.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Orsino as someone who only cares for themselves. They might see him as selfish. Characters in the play might also see him as nice and a good man. Orsino might be seen as a guy who gets what he wants also.

Similarities & Differences

A similarity between Orsino and myself is that he, just like myself, is emotional. I'm not the toughest guy around and neither is Orsino. Orsino is not weak either which is not me. He is also ambitious just like myself. When I see something that I want I go for it.

A difference is that when Orsino can't have something, or in this case someone, he doesn't give up even though there is no chance. If there is no chance in getting someone then I will stop pursuing it.