Co-Teaching News


Week 8

This week we focus on where you should be as a Co-Teaching Pair. We are moving into week 8, so the Teacher Candidate should be comfortable enough to be the lead on all aspects of the classroom, including planning, assessment, and behavior. This does not mean the Cooperating Teacher has given up their classroom completely, but the Teacher Candidate should be in control of the classroom and planning, while using the Co-Teaching strategies. The Cooperating Teacher should still be actively involved as a Co-Teacher.

Is Solo Time Okay?

Yes. You should leave your Teacher Candidate in the classroom without you and allow them to fly as a solo-teacher from time to time (as you both feel comfortable), but please continue to use the Co-Teaching strategies and Co-Planning time. It is important that they demonstrate the ability to teach, manage, and assess on their own. The amount of time they do this varies, due to skill level and the pair's level of comfort.