Mount Rushmore Itinerary

Sal' s road trip with her grandparents

History of Mt. Rushmore National Park

To represent the first 150 years of American history, Gutzon Borglum and many workers sculpted the bust of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln between 1927 and 1941. Washington was the father of our country and presents the struggle for independence. Jefferson was chosen because he was the author of the Declaration of Independence. Teddy Roosevelt was selected because he completed the Panama Canal connecting the East and the West. Lincoln was chosen because of his ideals of freedom and equality for all.

The Climate of Mount Rushmore

Between November to January, Mt Rushmore has a low in the teens and high between 30's and 40's with up to 15 inches of snow. The best time to visit is in September when the weather is sunny and dry.

Activities and Events

Some of the activities that you can do at Mount Rushmore are see the wildlife and the wild flowers. Other activities to do include are walking the Presidential Trail, Biking, and Hiking. Events that Mount Rushmore have to offer that on independence day they use fireworks to celebrate. Why not celebrate under the most famous presidents faces.

Association with Native Americans

THe US seized the land from the Lakota tribe after the Great Sioux War of 1876. The Treaty of Fort Laramie from 1868 had previously granted the Black Hills to the Lakota in perpetuity.

In 2004, Gerard Barker was appointed as the first Native American superintendent of the park.

The Crazy Horse Memorial is being built to honor the great Native American and will be bigger than Mt. Rushmore when completed.

Fascinating Facts

Mount Rushmore has about 3 Million visitors every year from around the country and the world. Visitors often come to see the beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota and the preservation of our country.

  • At the age of 60, Gutzon Borglum began drilling in 1927

  • Rushmore's is 5,500 feet above sea level.

  • Each head on Mt. Rushmore is as tall as a six-story building.

  • More that 800 million pounds of stone were removed from Mount Rushmore while carving the presidents.

  • The presidents' noses are 20 feet long, each mouth 18 feet wide and the eyes are 11 feet across.

  • The workers had to climb 506 steps daily to get to the top of Mount Rushmore.

How the park has Changed over Time

In 1998, the park through private donations spend 10 million dollars to upgrade the park. A new parking area was built and Lincoln Borglum Museum which features an orientation film and lots of excellent exhibits.

Experiences at Mt Rushmore posted by Sal - an young girl

My name is Sal and I visited Mt. Rushmore on a trip with my grandparents. When we arrived, we parked and walked up to the hall of Flags. The wind was blowing and it was beautiful. You could hear the birds singing in the trees. It was peaceful.

As we walked to to view the presidents, my heart skipped a beat. I could not believe how detailed the sculptor was. We sat and looked it for an hour as the sun went down.

i enjoyed spending the afternoon learning about Mt. Rushmore.